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Indian Delights

Finger food

As an entrée, give in to the tempting "samosa", "gato piments", "gato brinzelle" and "pain frit", deep fried and topped with mouth watering "chatini" (chutneys) and chili sauce. Under the shade of filao trees or badamiers, Indian delights are most often cooked while you wait and served hot!

Roti prata

Served "cho-cho" (hot), roti wraps are made the traditional way, with a special flour and skill, cooked to perfection. Filled with your choice of massala chutneys, "brèdes songes", "rougaille" (tomato-based sauce) and chili. These traditional indian pancakes are one of our favourite lunches, especially for people who are on the go!

Dholl pourri

Sold in a pair, the dholl pourri is made from "dholl crasés" and filled with "rougaille", "achards de légumes" (vegetable pickes), "chatini" and chili. Most popular are the ones made by Dewa in Rose Hill.

Where to get the best?

Gare Rose Hill
Débarcadère de Grand Baie
Marché Central Port Louis
Providence Port Louis

Recommended Indian Restaurants

Indra at Domaine Les Pailles
Taj Mahal