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Taj Mahal Restaurant

In a luxurious setting decorated with mughlai paintings, this unique Indian restaurant takes you back to the royal mughlai kitchens famous for its royal chefs who prepared the most exotic and finest food for royal families.

The glory of the indian cuisine began with the Moghul kings who believed that good food not only strengthened the physique but also enriched the mind and reaches the heights of its magnificence with emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal.

And this restaurant, named after this wonder of the world takes you back to those glorious days.

Enjoy a chicken tikka masala, a karai fish or a Rangee Phool Gobi with a Kosmiri Nan or a Rumalai roti served by an elegantly dressed waiter in traditional style!

Open for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and dinner, from 6pm to 11pm
Take away menu available
Closed on Mondays

Live music on Saturdays during peak periods

Average cost of dinner per person Rs. 300-450

Address: Royal Road, Grand Baie
Tel: (230) 263 4984