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Ile Plate - Flat Island
Situated North of Mauritius, Flat Island is amongst one of the largest islets, with an area of 253 hectares and its flora is rich in endemic plants. An old lighthouse can be seen on the south west of the island. Located next to Flat Island is the Gabriel islet, famous for its popular catamaran excursions.

One of the best diving sites
Famous for its diving at the Pigeon Rock where sharks (small !!) swim around. The sea can be rough and access to the dive site is about 20 to 45 minutes by boat. Diving needs to be arranged in advance and divers will need to be experienced.

Camping & Catamaran Excursions
Unfortunately due to its popularity and large size, campers (tourists and locals) come quite especially during summer and leave the site without cleaning up. Recent government cleaning has been undertaken and NGO's are proposing to take care of the island.

Catamarans fortunately cannot come to its shore due to its shallow waters around the island.