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Sega Dance - Folkloric Dance

The séga song and dance in Mauritius are a soulful expression of feelings for many locals. When conditions of work for the African slaves during the 18th century were miserable, they could numb their unhappiness drinking the arrack (obtained from the sugarcane), sing and dance the night away to the rhythmic beats of the séga.

Today, times have changed but the séga has maintained its significance in our society. Many young aspiring and successful local singers (mostly descendants of the African slaves) have kept the tradition alive. They are putting into words, poignant messages of peace and love and sung in our mother tongue, Créole.

The traditional instruments used are guitar, the 'triangle', (a piece of iron rod made to the shape of a triangle) and the ravanne, which have small iron plates on the side, to add more interest. To ensure a better sound from the ravanne, the musician usually pre-heats the surface in the naked flame.

A very sexy dance, the séga involves a lot of hip movement and only the brightest and most colourful costumes are good enough to dance the séga. The skirts are long, ruffled and cut very wide to allow for the spinning movements.

Where can I watch it: mostly in hotels and in a few selected restaurants: Le Café de la Plage at Sunset Boulevard in Grand Baie.