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Beach Hawkers in Mauitius

Beach hawkers are common on most beaches of the island. Often, they sell paréos (sarongs), souvenir products, Ralph Lauren shirts, beach towels, oysters, shells, pineapples, even tours and excursions, all claiming to be cheapest and most popular around.

While some tourists do not mind the daily regular intrusion of the friendly beach hawkers, many others have learnt to avoid them, either because they have previously been 'cheated' on prices or simply from hearsay.

You might find youself paying Rs. 2,000 (US$65) for 3 oysters! And this is speaking from experience! Or better, Rs. 4,000 for an imitation pearl necklace (no pearl culture in Mauritius).

Yes, unfortunately beach hawkers do not have a very positive image in that they may not be the most honest business people - very often overpricing their products and excursions. Do exercise caution even with those who operate on private resort beaches and who claim to have a license to operate in the area because the license does not prove business ethics !!!