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Bars in Mauritius

Bars in Mauritius serve cocktails (local and international), the local beers and the usual drinks you will find in your country. Prices for international drinks tend to be more expensive due to the high customs duty and taxes imposed by government.

The local drinks are fairly cheap, be it in bars or at the local supermarket. As you would probably know, Mauritius second economy (formely the first) is the sugar industry and rum is one of the local produce of the island - the famous 'Green Island' or the 'Malibu'. Try a little 'rhum arrangé' or any rum based drink. We are sure you will enjoy it. Don't miss out our award winning 'Phoenix Beer' or otherwise you have not come to Mauritius.

Bars in Grand Baie region
- Banana Café
- El Diablo
- Keg & Marlin at Richmond Hill (new)
- Sports Café
- Grand Baie Store (live music in the late afternoon)
- Alchemy (road to Super U hypermarket)
- Coolen (main road to Mont Choisy beach)

Bars in Port Louis
- TGIF at Labourdonnais Hotel
- Keg & Marlin at Caudan Waterfront

Bars at the hotels are still the best in Mauritius, with a consistent quality and ... quantity of alcohol served. Drinks are ... value for money !!!