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Deep Sea Fishing

Mauritius is renowned for being one of the best fishing destinations, especially for big game fishing.

A top fishing spot is found off Le Morne (South West), where the seabed plunges 700m and the currents attract small fish pursued by huge predators. Marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, tuna and shark are common.

The fishing season takes place as from mid October to the end of March.

The best time to catch the fast-running wahoo (140 to 200 lbs) is definitely during the month of September. Shoals of yellow-fin tuna moving into our Mauritian waters between March and April. And you can expect other local fishes like the dorado, bonito (smaller specie of tuna) and the sailfish.

Bigger catch include the black and blue marlin. And you might find blue sharks, hammer-head, mako, tiger, black fin and white fin sharks in our waters!

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