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Watersports in Mauritius

And so you have planned this trip so that you can see with your own eyes that postcards showing picture-perfect, clear blue sea are not exaggerating? Yes, and now you are in front of that reality... There is definitely more to swimming!

For an absolutely mind-blowing 15-minute ride on the colourful banana, all you have to do is hang on tight to the handle and scream at your top of your lungs, with three other friends as the speedboat cuts through the water!

Our advice, leave the front seat to a good leader if you do not want to topple too quickly!

Just for these few seconds that you are gliding in style, absolutely exhilarating! Monoski or on both skis, your choice!

First-timers, do not get discouraged if you lose balance and gulping seawater more than you should! Needless to feel self conscious too; everyone is on holiday!

You just can't resist the sight of those very colourful surf boards, against the calm blue sea reflecting the scorching midday sun!

Choose your spot carefully, for in calm seas, you might not be going very far! May we suggest you try the bigger waves of the West coast.

One-two, one-two!

Yes, you are toning your biceps and triceps, while gliding on the calm blue sea on board your kayak!

If you are with a group of friends, try racing! Alone or in tandem, great fun guaranteed!

What we affectionately call, cycling over water!

Usually done in tandem, pedalo is great for those who like the feeling of being lost in the middle of the sea (in the lagoon of course!).


You take off from a pontoon anchored in the middle of the sea, and a speedboat pulls you until you have gathered enough speed and altitude!

From there, enjoy a bird's eye view of your surroundings! If you are not so confident, 'hanging up there', take a partner with you!