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Fort Adelaide in Port Louis (aka La Citadelle)

Named after the Queen Adelaide, the fort has been built between 1834 and 1840, under the direction of William IV.

At 240 ft. above sea level, Fort Adelaide, also known as 'La Citadelle' has fulfilled the strategic purpose of guarding the harbour against enemy attacks and fires that broke in the city.

Today, thanks to the efforts by the Municipality to preserve this cultural heritage, it is the only one, out of the four forts built in Port Louis not to end up in ruins. A ride uphill to Fort Adelaide, will guarantee you a breathtaking view of the city of Port Louis, nestled at the foot of the Port Louis / Moka mountain ranges and stretching towards the habour.

From this vintage point, you will find old buildings standing in juxtaposition to the modern skyscrapers. On your left, is the Champs de Mars, hard to miss for it is the only green patch in the busy city of Port Louis.

As you gaze towards the harbour front, the 4 cylinders of the Bulk Sugar Terminal stands proud, facing Le Caudan Waterfront, with the seawater reflecting the warm colours of the buildings.

Tip: there is no entrance fee. For safety reasons, don't go there alone.