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Weather in Mauritius

Under the tropics, we have almost eight months of summer and four months of mild winter.

Summer occurs between the months of September and April, eight months during which we have 12-13 hours of daylight (5.30am to 6.30pm). The average temperature on coastal regions is 30ºC, with a peak of 34ºC and the level of humidity often above 70 percent.

Summer season also favours the formation of tropical cyclones. We have, on average 8 cyclones a year, with 2 or 3 very strong ones, with gusts of nearly 200km/h. Seas are rough.

Winter is very mild in Mauritius with a minimum of 12ºC on the central plateau and maximum of 26ºC on coastal plains. Between May and August, we have occasional anti-cyclones, which bring in rain and wind, especially on high grounds.

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