July 3, 2020

Xanax Addiction – know other names, symptoms, treatment methods

By admin

Different types of people have different types of addiction in our world which is full of modern technology and luxuries. For the enjoyment and pleasure in life, lot of masses everyday indulges themselves in some or the other kind of drug or addiction. The addiction can be of cocaine, smack, xanax and so on. These all kinds of drugs and substances are illegal by the laws of the world.

Xanax addiction is not new to the world because it is one of many such addictions. Previously it was prescribed by the doctors of the world to treat the persons and people who were suffering from severe anxiety or panic disorder or diseases. But after it, many of the people started to use it to get rid of anxiety and depression. Also they develop dependency on it over the time as well as regular by intake.

Some of the other names of it

There are many names of anything which is in the world. Here Xanax has some other names as well. These are alprazolam, Niravam, Xannies/Zannies, Handlebars/bars, Blut footballs and Benzos names are also known by the users to sell and purchase in coding language.

How users use it

The ways and methods are different as per the users of different regions and countries. There are some of the main ways which people use to take it such as taking multiple pills, injecting it in the veins of the body, snorting it, taking it through blotter paper, taking it with mixing of other drugs and alcohol.

Impacts of overuse and overdose

An overuse or over dose of Xanax may be more fatal, when it is taken with alcohol or other drugs. Overdose may also occur if the pills are chewed or craushed. There are some impacts can be seen when overdosed or overused it such as confusion, slowed heart rate, fainting, loss of balance, coma, muscle weakness, difficulty in breathing and extreme drowsiness.

What can be done for the users to treat?

The overdose or the overuse can be treated with the experts counseling’s and sessions with the experts or professional of the field. The treatment can take prolong time to cure the person as the person has developed dependency, tolerance, and addiction. Rehab centers are other options for it. Alternative therapies can be also useful in the same direction for the treatment of it.